We Are The Undefeated


The new Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated, opened to solid box office numbers this weekend.  Oddly, the Atlantic tried to cook up a quick hit piece on the Palin film by sending the hapless Conor Friedersdorf to an unadvertised midnight showing in Orange County on a Thursday night.  He proceeded to note at great length that not many people were in the theater. 

 This story was quickly picked up and run by other media outlets, in an attempt to construct a “flop” narrative, quickly rendered as hollow and irrelevant as an Obama economic prediction.

Friedersdorf, and the others who ran with his story, cannot be stupid enough to think that theater attendance at 12:45 AM on a Thursday night, at an unadvertised screening of a documentary, while one of the year’s most anticipated summer blockbusters was rolling out, could be truly indicative of The Undefeated’s opening weekend performance. 

They had to work fast to manufacture this hit, since the eagerness of Palin fans to see The Undefeated was not exactly a secret.  Their goal was to pump one more anti-Palin story into the billowing cloud of toxic smog pouring from major media outlets.  They did it so that liberal readers who won’t go anywhere near a screening of this movie can high-five each other and chuckle about what a bomb it was, providing the ”reality-based community” with another of its many fables that survive any chance encounter with contradictory evidence.

I want Palin to run because I want a candidate who inspires that kind of desperation in the Left.  I want someone who drives them to sit in little circles around their campfires and tell ghost stories.

This might sound harsh, but I also consider the way Palin brings out the knuckle-dragging misogyny of liberals to be a plus.  Modern liberalism is an ideology of hatred and envy.  Its blood burns hotter as every product of its imagination becomes a titanic failure in the real world.  It has nothing left but hatred now.  Liberals have sunk so low that they openly value punitive taxation more than avoiding national default.  They spend their time looking for targets, not solutions.

Similar levels of shrieking hysteria are directed at the Left’s other class and ideological enemies.  The sexist fury they unleash against Palin is a useful reminder of their true nature to voters that should understand what kind of future they are voting for, when they vote for a liberal.  Palin has proven she can take the heat. 

Some of the other 2012 GOP contenders strike me as the sort who will be very surprised by what crawls out of the media’s Hellraiser puzzle box after they win the nomination… especially the ones that want to run as “moderates.”  Sorry, fellas, but nobody to the right of this radical President is going to be anointed as a “moderate” once the general election campaign begins.  If you don’t fill out your Tea Party application now, rest assured the press will do it for you next year.

The media has no surprises left for Sarah Palin.  She handled their combined onslaught when major news outlets were openly calling her an accessory to murder in the Tucson shootings.  Not all of her potential 2012 competitors were quick to stand by her side, but they should have been.  If you can’t swiftly and forcefully defend your party’s tireless, highly visible former vice-presidential candidate from such disgusting slander, what kind of Republican are you?

I want Palin to run because she’s a candid voice in an age of lies and deceit.  Her running mate in 2008, John McCain, buried his own candidacy in a shallow grave by refusing to speak candidly about Barack Obama’s shady background and penchant for falsehood.  Palin did that, and was excoriated as a “bomb thrower” in the media.  She was right.  Everything she said about Obama was right.  We’ve lost trillions of dollars and millions of jobs because not enough voters listened to her.

The debt ceiling debate has given America a long, hard look at the sick and degenerate politics of Democrats.  The President of the United States just lied about opinion poll numbers during a major press conference, in a desperate attempt to make himself look like less of an extremist.  This came after days of fraudulent threats to default on America’s financial obligations and freeze Social Security checks.  Americans don’t need another presidential candidate who wastes our time being excessively deferential to someone who lies to us and threatens us incessantly.  We need one who calls him out the way Sarah Palin always has.

Palin has been dead right about a lot of important issues.  She outperformed quite a few high-performance economists in her assessment of the Quantitative Easing monetary strategy.  She’s always been right about domestic energy production, and it gets more obvious by the day.  How does her record of accurate predictions stack up against the President and his wise men over the past two years?  Some other candidates can do a pretty good job of dissecting the Obama record.  Palin did it in advance.

She walks eagerly into the crossfire to support people like Rep. Paul Ryan, even back when he was still working on his “Ryan Roadmap,” the precursor to his “Path to Prosperity” budget.  Few of the other presidential contenders have done as much for the Republican Party, and the conservative movement, as Palin over the last few years.  That will count for a lot, when the new President must assemble congressional majorities to pass crucial legislation.  I can remember many crucial moments since 2008 when Sarah Palin took a firm position on important issues with a whole lot of empty space around her, where other Republicans should have been standing.

Most importantly of all, I like Palin’s aura of confidence… not just in herself, but in the people of the United States.  There is something luminous about the way she expresses it.  Her cheerful reverence and affection for ordinary people is both comforting and inspiring.  Many candidates give impressive performances.  Not all of them seem as impressed by us as Palin does.  To Palin, we are “the undefeated.”

The great struggle ahead of us will involve returning liberty to a nation that has lost confidence in its government, years after the government so obviously lost confidence in us.  Our enormous national debt means that Washington sees the American people as so feeble that the rest of the world must be induced to fund government programs to take care of us. 

It is said that we must indenture our children for generations to come, in order to finance welfare benefits for today’s population of adults, who are helpless in a growing number of areas without government supervision.  The bumbling descendants of the Greatest Generation must be told what kind of car to drive, what kind of light bulb to use, which kind of inefficient and overpriced energy should fuel their businesses, and how to handle their health care needs.  A stagnant, jobless economy is presented as the “new normal.”  Things would be even worse, if the Democrats hadn’t told the future how to spend four trillion dollars of its wealth.

The leader who challenges that dark fantasy must have a great and inspirational belief in the strength and wisdom of the American people.  Where the State has failed, free men and women will succeed.  Where regulation has failed, enterprise will triumph.  The rot of central planning will burn away in the light of private sector risk and investment.  It shouldn’t have taken us decades to remember that politicians don’t know squat about running a business… but better late than never.

I want Palin to run because she gets all that, and doesn’t need stare into a mirror before TV interviews and remind herself to believe it.  The people who look down their noses at her have an equally low opinion of the public they have failed so utterly.  Worship of the State is all about submission.  I don’t see anything coming out of the Left that I feel like submitting to any longer. 

We the people of the United States stand on the verge of withdrawing our consent from a collapsing system that will curse us with its dying breath.  That’s going to take guts.  Sarah Palin honestly believes we can do it.  So do I.  The time for doubting ourselves is over.

Update: Conor Friedersdorf emails to say there was an advertisement for the showing he attended, which he found in the L.A. Times.  The show time was 12:01, not 12:45.