Ron Paul Asks: Compromise or Conviction?

Ron Paul, who announced this week that he will not seek re-election to Congress so he can  focus solely on his last hurrah campaign for presidenty, can argue that he has been consistent on his positions, and that Republicans have just come over to his side, particulalry on fiscal issues.

Today, he released an advertisement, which will run in Iowa and New Hampshire, that is like a movie trailer and shows how Republicans were duped by Democrats who broke pledges.

It says the next chapter is about to be written and asks whether Republicans are going to choose compromise or stand on conviction, which is what the ad is titled.

The ad is not only timely as Congress and President Obama wrangle over the debt ceiling, but also serves to remind voters that Paul was railing against the debt and its ramificiations before it became cool and other Republicans found Jesus on the issue.

The ad can been seen below: