The SEIU Beat and Skate


Ken Gladney is the black man who was beaten by two SEIU members outside a town hall event back in 2009.  The event was held by Democrat Russ Carnahan, who made sure to have plenty of union muscle handy to pack the auditorium, and maintain the proper “atmosphere” outside.  The beating was captured on videotape, and observed by numerous witnesses.

And yet, the SEIU thugs skated off scott free in a St. Louis courtroom.  That’s right – they were found “not guilty” of something they were videotaped doing.

You can watch it right here:

It looks like another case of inept prosecution – this was reportedly the prosecutor’s first jury trial – coupled with a don’t-believe-your-lying-eyes smokescreen from the defense.  Eyewitness and pastor Harris Himes, who has a background as a trial attorney, told Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit that he was subpoenaed but not called to testify.  He noted numerous problems with the prosecution of the case. 

Among other things, the jury “disregarded the testimony of two witnesses who testified unequivocally” that the SEIU thugs initiated violence against Gladney, and believed defense claims that the two SEIU men, “each well over 6 feet tall and approximately 250 pounds, were simultaneously attacked by Gladney, who is approximately 5’8” tall and about 140 pounts.”

The Riverfront Times of St. Louis strove to make its readers feel better about the SEIU Beat-and-Skate by pointing out shattering revelations like, “Gladney was at the health-care forum to sell Tea Party mementos, not give them out for free as suggested in earlier account [sic].”  You mean he was engaged in capitalism?  Well, that changes everything.

The Riverfront Times also informs us that “The second witness, Sandra Himes, told jurors that she heard McGowan call Gladney the n-word, which seems a bit unusual seeing how both McCowan and Gladney are both black.”  Really?  That’s unusual?  Where does the Riverfront Times get its writers, Alpha Centauri?  Or does it just assume its readers come from outer space?

We’re meant to look askance at Gladney because he “appeared in court yesterday in a neck brace, telling attorneys that he’d recently (and conveniently) undergone surgery on his back for an unrelated matter.”  Most doctors advise postponing back surgery when you’re involved in a high-profile trial that is being carefully watched by hack liberal writers.

It’s never a good idea to assume the government can protect you from criminal assault.  In some areas, it’s not even wise to assume your assailants will be punished after the fact, no matter how clear the evidence of their guilt.  In the end, what was indisputably done to Ken Gladney mattered less than what he believed, why he dared to attend a certain “public” event, and who his attackers were.