RNC Ad Gives GOP Presidential Candidates Air Cover

The Republican National Committee (RNC) was woefully ineffective during the 2008 election cycle. The lone bright spot may have been how the online communications team pioneered the way for the social networking site Twitter to be integrated into campaigns and the campaign cycle.

Other than that, the RNC underperformed in 2008 across many different metrics, particularly when it came to communications and messaging and hitting upon themes that would connect with average Americans.

An adveristment indicting President Obama with Obama’s own words at the 2008 Democratic National Convention that the RNC released today may signal that in 2012, the RNC may be able to give the GOP nominee plenty of air cover that makes an impact.

The ad, which can be seen here, is part of a national cable buy, according to the RNC.

According to a press release, the ad is titled “Change Direction” and “highlights President Obama’s failed economic policies and the disastrous course he has set for America’s economy.”

The ad also, according to the RNC, “marks the beginning of a month-long economic messaging campaign that will reach into battleground states and test new digital marketing strategies”

Caught flat-footed during the last election cycle, the RNC, political observers have noticed, has dramatically improved its messaging and digital presence and platform, particularly in the world of social media, where responses have to be rapid in order to influence the velocity with which information is put out or misinformation is challenged.

“The RNC intends to challenge Barack Obama in every state on his failed economic leadership right up until Election Day,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “Whether it’s the Administration telling companies where and how to do business, calling for massive tax increases on job creators, or recklessly spending money we don’t have, President Obama’s policies have made the economy worse.” 

The advertisment counters the impressive fundraising numbers that the Obama Administration and the Democratic National Committee released today, which amounted to a combined $86 million haul.

The RNC research team immediately countered Obama’s gaudy fundraising numbers by pointing out that for every job created in America over the last three months, Obama created 2.12 donors for his re-election campaign as campaigner-in-chief.

According to the RNC, for every $1 million Obama raised for his campaign over the last 3 months, the nation added $1.9 billion to the debt.

Republicans may not be able to counter Obama the fundraising juggernaut, but if the economy does not pick up, Republicans may have something in 2012 that is more powerful than money — being on the right side of the issues, particularly those related to the economy.

Of course, if the RNC provides the proper air cover for the 2012 presidential nominee, it will allow the Republican nominee to better counter the deluge of misinformation that the Obama campaign will surely throw out.

In recent years, the RNC has had trouble getting their message to be in sync with the times. Today’s ad shows that the RNC may be starting to turn the corner to again be an effective messenger for Republicans and against the failed policies of the left.