Miss America's Got a Silver Tongue and a Heart of Gold

How’s this for a definition of humility?
It’s not thinking less of yourself.  Some people think that to be humble you have to think less of yourself.  No.  It’s thinking of yourself less and other people more, and therefore putting them before you.
Or this one of confidence?
It doesn’t come from always being successful or always being right.  It comes from not being afraid of failure and not being afraid of being wrong—that you will be willing to try new things and put yourself out there.
This girl is goooooooood.
Yesterday we brought you parts 1 & 2 of our exclusive interview with Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan, where the pageant winner scolded politicians for abandoning constitutional governance for arbitrary decision making.
Today we bring you Parts 3 & 4.  She gives us a sneak peak at her message to young audiences (thus the definitions above) and goes into how influential a role religion, particularly Christianity, has played in her life.
“I wouldn’t be here without God.  It’s incredible to see what He can do through you.”
Yeah, you don’t usually hear that type of unapologetic outpouring of spiritual reflections from pageant winners, huh?
My only regret from the interview?  I couldn’t convince Scanlan to let me try on the crown.  Sigh.
In any event, here are the segments.  Watch and enjoy.  It beats looking at Rachel Maddow.
Part 3:

Part 4: