There She Is, Miss America, and a Conservative!

Teresa Scanlan is a blonde bombshell. 
She’s also conservative.
And she just happens to be the reigning Miss America.  But there’s a lot more to the Nebraska native.
She’s also an articulate and passionate defender of the Constitution, telling HUMAN EVENTS in an exclusive interview (yes, life is tough for us HE editors) that the country has moved in a direction that belies our governing charter.
“In federal government, you don’t even hear people talking about whether we have the right to do that [policy proposal] based on the Constitution.”

Scanlan, who was crowned in January and is the youngest Miss America in 90 years (she just turned 18), says that she’ll decide who to vote for in November 2012 based on the candidate who best shows fidelity to the original intent of the Framers.  (Read: Whoever runs against Obama.)
“If we disobey and pay no attention to the very thing that founded this country, we have no consistency in our government, nothing to trust, and no reliable bases for those that govern our country,” she told HUMAN EVENTS.
Go ahead, pinch yourself.
Scanlan is a beauty pageant winner who is barely eligible to vote and is demonstrating more intellectual maturity than most politicians inhabiting (infesting?) Washington , D.C.

Scanlan, a Nebraska native, took aim at the President in particular, noting that he’s not paying attention the document he swore to uphold.  (“Definitely issues there.”)
The young conservative precociously added that academia shares blame in pumping out legions of graduates who are unlearned in American history.
“We’re not even taught constitutional law the way we should.  We’re not taught law and government based on the founding principles,” she added.
HUMAN EVENTS caught up with Scanlan at Young America’s Foundation’s recent National High School Conference in Chevy Chase, Md., right outside the nation’s capital.
During the interview she also said that beauty contestants should never let themselves be intimidated into giving politically correct answers on controversial subjects, including same-sex marriage and abortion, although she observed that the judges in the Miss America competition cannot penalize contestants based on how they express themselves on a highly charged issue.   
Stay tuned, fellas, for more of our exclusive with Miss America 2011.  Oh, you know you will.  Don’t front.