Sheila Jackson Lee's Compassionate Liberalism

There are few members of Congress more churlish and arrogant that Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee. Several years ago Hill staffers voted her the biggest windbag and one of the meanest people in Washington. So it comes as little surprise she’s being sued by a former staffer who’s claiming Jackson Lee verbally abused her and mocked her disability.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s former legislative director is suing the Democratic congresswoman, claiming she made “humiliating” comments about her vision disability while refusing to do anything to accommodate her. 

At one point, the lawsuit claims, the congresswoman told her: “I don’t care anything about your disability.” 

Now we aren’t going to pronounce guilt upon Jackson Lee, but let’s just imagine for a moment were it a Republican who said something like that to a beleaguered staffer. We’d never hear the end of it.

Floyd claims that after she came to work for Jackson Lee as legislative director and chief counsel in early 2010, the congresswoman did not follow through on a pledge from her office to “accommodate her disability.” 

She specifically claimed the congresswoman piled her with reading assignments, often forcing her to work from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. without breaks to get it all done. Floyd claimed she was rebuffed when she asked for more time to rest her eyes. In April 2010, the suit claims, Jackson Lee told her, “It should not take 10 years to get them done,” in reference to a reading assignment. 

The suit went on to question Jackson Lee’s legislative efforts on behalf of disabled Americans, saying her treatment of Floyd showed she “only paid lip service to that constituency.” 

I’m shocked — shocked! — a Democrat says one thing and quite possibly does another. Actually, I’m not. I’d be shocked if they ever actually walked the walk they love to talk about.