Charlie Rangel's Religious Awakening

There are few things in politics as sacred to liberals as the so-called separation of church and state. Even the slightest reference to God or Jesus in the public square leaves the left quivering and blubbering about imposing religious values upon the public.  

How dare you impose your values upon the secular masses!

Yet when it comes to scoring cheap political points, Democrats are always eager to cloak themselves in religion and more than willing to sermonize. Enter disgraced New York Democrat Charles Rangel, last seen defending the honor of Anthony Weiner. Friday Rangel decided it was time to do the Lord’s work when it came to the debt ceiling.

Yes, really.

“In what seemed more like a Sunday church service than a Capitol Hill press conference, Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., called out for his fellow lawmakers and all Americans to do “the Lord’s work” as a solution to fixing the debt ceiling.

“These are not political questions,” Rangel asserted. “These are moral questions.”

The raspy-voiced congressman urged spiritual leaders to highlight the role federal programs including Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security play in protecting the vulnerable, sick and poor despite Washington’s concern about the $14.3 trillion deficit.

“Why don’t you call your pastor, your rabbi, your imam? There has to be a moral answer,” Rangel preached to reporters. It was just a year ago that the former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee was censured by his colleagues for various ethical violations.

So if it’s a moral imperative to lead us into the financial abyss, what is it when you skip out on your taxes, like Rangel famously did? Is that immoral?

Rangel further inveighed:

While lawmakers from both parties are asking what President Obama is going to do about the debt ceiling, Rangel continues to ask, “what would Jesus do?”

Well, Jesus probably would have paid his taxes for one, and moreover would have lived within his means.

He probably also would have frowned upon coveting the wealth of his neighbors who have the temerity to fly in private jets.


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