The "Undefeated??? Trailer


The Undefeated, the documentary about Sarah Palin, is due in theaters July 15.  A trailer was released yesterday.  It contains more thunderclaps and screaming violins than I expected. 

The Undefeated Teaser Trailer from Dain Valverde on Vimeo.

Based on the music and sound effects, this could be the blockbuster action film of the summer – the untold story of how Sarah defeated Megatron, Magneto, Voldemort, and the Red Skull single-handedly.  But not unarmed.  Oh, no.  She’s not going up against that crew without exercising her Second Amendment rights.

All kidding aside, this looks like a very interesting film.  A lot of people will be very interested in the box office returns and audience reaction. 

I don’t splurge on IMAX 3-D for every movie, but I might just make an exception for The Undefeated, especially if there’s a wingsuit sequence.