Groundhog Day In July


President Obama was half an hour late for his scheduled press conference to discuss unemployment this morning.  I wonder how many of the millions who lost their jobs during his tenure were fired for chronic tardiness.

After keeping everyone waiting for so long, Obama spoke for only seven minutes, then ran back into the White House without taking any questions.  It’s like Groundhog Day in July.  Unemployment winter will continue.

The press conference was the usual mix of pathetic excuses and tortured attempts to turn evidence of his failure into reasons to give the President more money and power to play with.  Obama described himself as “President in the wake of one of the worst economic downturns in our lifetimes,” as if he just now arrived on the scene to find all this economic wreckage strewn across the landscape, and today is Day One of his attempt to help clean up.

It’s probably the most diluted form of his “Blame Bush” excuse-making we’ve heard to date, and relies entirely on the hope that Obama voters are completely oblivious to everything that happens around them, and have the same mental faculties as Guy Pearce in Memento.

In order to give the American people “the security they deserve,” the President wants to “get back to a place where businesses consistently grow.”  Except, presumably, for evil businesses, such as corporate jets, automated teller machine manufacture, the domestic oil industry, and coal producers. 

Bankrupting the coal industry is perhaps the only campaign promise Obama has actually kept, and it’s moving full speed ahead.  A new analysis from the National Economic Research Associates estimates that EPA regulations “would cause a net job loss of over 1.4 million job-years by 2020,” and increase electricity rates by 23 percent in coal-reliant areas, according to a report in the Daily Caller today.

“We’ve added more than two million new private-sector jobs over the past 16 months,” claimed Obama, “but the recession cost us more than 8 million.”  You see, the recession is like a tsunami, a force of nature that has nothing to do with the abject failure of central planners.  It keeps slamming into the White House with “unexpected” force.  Every time this happens, Obama looks up from the desk where he is hard at work creating millions of jobs, with an expression of surprise on his face, and more of his hair turns grey.

Obama addressed the fearfully small number of jobs created last month by telling us to look on the bright side: “Each new job that was created last month is good news for the people who are back at work.”  This plays into the brilliant new re-election strategy, floated by top Obama advisor David Plouffe, that “people won’t vote based on the unemployment rate.”  Out goes the old conventional wisdom that re-election is impossible with unemployment higher than a rate the wise men keep fine-tuning – 7%, 8%, whatever.  The hot new conventional wisdom is that the 90.8% of Americans who still have jobs will be so grateful to Obama for their livelihood that he’ll float right back into the Oval Office in 2012.

What does Obama think is causing our current economic difficulties?  “Over the past few months, the economy has experienced some tough headwinds – from natural disasters, to spikes in gas prices, to state and local budget cuts that have cost tens of thousands of cops, and firefighters, and teachers their jobs.”

You miserable, greedy, self-centered private-sector monsters.  Your insistence on making government smaller is the only reason we don’t have Bush-era employment!  And how could Obama and the Democrats have possibly known that choking off the supply of oil would cause gas prices to rise?  They don’t each stuff like that in economics class!

Obama also blamed uncertainty over the financial collapse of Greece, and the Republicans’ refusal to let him rack up more federal debt without conditions, for causing “uncertainty” that depresses job creation.  That’s what the markets are really waiting for: our unsustainable government debt to grow larger.

You know what really makes the market feel “uncertain,” Mr. President?  The knowledge that a desperate ideologue, in command of a vast, opaque, and unaccountable federal apparatus, could turn on them in a split-second and crush them.  Who looks more “uncertain” today than the corporate jet manufacturers who recoiled in surprise when Obama suddenly came out of nowhere and lashed out at them six times during his previous press conference?

According to the President, in between rounds of golf and fund-raisers he jets off to on the taxpayer dime, he spends a great deal of time reading “letter after letter” from concerned middle-class citizens.  He said that both parties working together “to get things done on their behalf” is “the least that they should expect of us.”  No, Mr. President, the least the American people can expect of your ridiculous Democrat Party is to pass a federal budget, which they have not done for the past 800 days.

What actions does the President propose to take “right now” in order to reduce the menace of unemployment?  First up: more of the “infrastructure” spending that he’s already blown a trillion dollars of “stimulus” money on.  He thinks this would create jobs for re-purposed construction workers from the housing industry that Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd destroyed.

He also called for swift passage of bills to streamline the patent process and push through some trade agreements, but ended with the puzzling declaration that “right now, a lot of middle-class families could sure use the security of knowing that the tax cut that I signed in December to help boost the economy and put a thousand dollars in the pockets of American families… that that’s still gonna be around next year.”

I’m all in favor of tax cuts, but what on Earth does a payroll tax cut for employees have to do with creating jobs?  Furthermore, those “middle class families” are paying a lot more than a thousand bucks a year through Obama’s general inflation and increased gas prices.  Of course, when they get some of it back through a targeted tax relief program, they get to watch a man stand behind a microphone and take credit for handing them a thousand dollars.

You know what we could do “right now” that would have a huge effect on reducing unemployment? Repeal ObamaCare.  It is the greatest engine of job destruction unleashed by Big Government in the modern era, wiping out hundreds of thousands of jobs practically overnight, and threatening to eliminate millions more in the years to come.  Its rapidly ballooning costs will add trillions of dollars to the deficit.  It is generating vast amounts of “uncertainty,” as state authorities and businessmen wait to learn if it will die before the Supreme Court. 

ObamaCare could be repealed right now, during the very next vote taken by Congress.  It is not a natural disaster, or an uncontrollable aberration of the free market.  Government created it out of thin air, during secret negotiations only two years ago.  Government has the responsibility to unmake it, and could do so immediately.

No such fresh thinking was offered by the President today.  To sum up his press conference: millions of jobs disappeared, and he doesn’t know why, but if we give him more money and power to do more of the things he’s been doing for the past two years, they’ll come back. 

I hope everyone who waited half an hour for the show enjoyed Groundhog Day in July.