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Michele Bachmann’s TV Ad


Michele Bachmann has produced a short television ad, to run in Iowa ahead of the upcoming Ames poll.  Notably, she stakes out a very clear and unambiguous position on the debt ceiling:

Given that the Republican Party is involved in some tricky negotiations over that debt ceiling, it’s gutsy of her to lay out such a firm position.  She’ll almost certainly end up fielding some questions about why she disagrees with even the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” segment of the party, after an agreement is almost inevitably reached.

On the other hand, it will do the Party some good to know that one of the leading presidential candidates is not even slightly intimidated by Democrat doomsday rhetoric about defaulting on our financial obligations, or strangling vital government services, if the debt ceiling is not raised.

A recent Des Moines Register poll put Bachmann within one point of front-runner Mitt Romney in Iowa, while everyone else hovered at least 15 points behind them.  Meanwhile, poor Tim Pawlenty, who has done everything short of promising to name his next child “Iowa,” was actually running behind Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. 

It will be interesting to see if Bachmann’s emphasis on her Waterloo roots is enough to put her ahead of Romney before the Ames poll.  Her momentum has been incredible since she launched her campaign at the last presidential debate.  At least one poll has her within single digits of Romney in New Hampshire, which is intended to be his early-primary fortress.  


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