Hard Times For Spitzer and Olbermann

Tough news from the world of television: CNN has officially canceled Eliot Spitzer’s In the Arena, which started out as Parker Spitzer, until Spitzer officially canceled Kathleen Parker.

Our hopes for The Weiner-Spitzer Hour have been crushed.  From Hell’s heart I stab at thee, CNN. 

I guess it was too much to ask that they keep In the Arena going, since the audience consisted primarily of disappointed Spartacus fans confused by the title while programming their DVRs.

Meanwhile, over at Current TV, Keith Olbermann’s re-launched Countdown reportedly lost 29% of its audience in the second week.  His numbers are still outstanding by Current TV standards, and he actually managed to beat In the Arena last Wednesday, which makes CNN’s decision to pull the plug unsurprising.  Still, a sizable audience loss is not good for a show trying to build enough buzz to increase the subscriber base of its struggling network.

Perhaps CNN and Current should talk to someone who knows how to hold a monster audience.


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