Are We Headed For Another French Revolution?


“The French revolution ended in runaway inflation, tyranny of the State, a bloodbath, despotism, and war.   Are we gradually being converted from the American to the French revolution?”  — Prof. R. J. Rummel (U. of Hawaii)

Over 2,000 attendees will jam into the Bally’s Events Center in Las Vegas July 13-16 for an emergency meeting at this year’s FreedomFest, which the Washington Post calls “the greatest libertarian show on earth.”  

Top speakers at this special meeting will be Senator Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox News), Steve Forbes, Dick Morris, Juan Williams, and John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods Market).  They will address the controversial theme, “Are we headed for Another American Revolution or a French Revolution?”

Two momentous revolutions triggered a great battle between freedom and the State, between limited and unlimited government: The American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789.  

The American revolution and the Constitution it created a few years later resulted in a relatively stable, prosperous democracy ratified by law, custom, and limited government that has lasted for over two centuries.  The French revolution has had the opposite effect — of almost constant revolution, war, tyranny, and crisis.  

The “best and the brightest” — over 100 libertarian and conservative experts and all the major free-market think tanks and media, including Human Events — will meet in Las Vegas next week to answer this question:  Where is America headed?  What is the future of freedom and prosperity?  

Senator Rand Paul will speak on “The Inside Battle Against Big Government by America’s Libertarian Senator.”  The son of libertarian hero and presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Paul has been called the most “passionate, principled, unafraid champion for our liberties today.” I just talked to his chief of staff, who indicated that Senator Paul is waging a fierce battle to bring fiscal sanity back to Washington — and will give us the latest details in his address Friday evening, July 15.

On Thursday, July 14 (Bastille Day), Judge Andrew Napolitano, the colorful Fox News commentator, is holding an off-the-record talk on “Do We Still  Have a Constitution?”  He will be introduced by David Boaz, vice president of the Cato Institute, who will ask a similar question, “Do We Still Have a Bill of Rights?”  

Top economic experts like Steve Forbes, Peter Schiff, Steve Moore (Wall Street Journal), John Allison (former CEO of BBT Bank), Lawrence W. Reed (president, FEE), Arthur Brooks (president, AEI), and Bert Dohmen will confront the issue of out-of-control deficit spending and unfunded liabilities our country is facing.  

Trader Vic, whom Barron’s identifies as “the Ultimate Wall Street Pro,” is making a rare appearance at FreedomFest. Victor Sperandeo (his real name) will speak on “Why Hyperinflation is Statistically Inevitable.” Victor said he showed his data to Nobel Prize economist Harry Markowitz (the father of modern portfolio theory), and he agreed: Runaway inflation is inevitable.  Scary!   

Not everyone is pessimistic at FreedomFest.  Richard Rahn (Cato Institute) and Professor James Gwartney (FSU) will lead a session on “11 Countries that Have Done it Right” — countries that are prospering and not facing a financial crisis, including Canada, Chile, and Sweden.  

Attendees are coming from around the world to gather in Las Vegas next week to learn, network, and celebrate liberty — or what’s left of it.  

“It’s like CPAC on steroids,” says Bob Thoburn, an attendee from Virginia who comes every year to FreedomFest.  

The annual event is like 7 conferences in one:  a world economic summit; a trade show for liberty, with an exhibit hall of over 100 freedom organizations, think tanks, liberty book sellers, and financial services; a three-day “financial freedom” investment seminar; a debating society, with major debates this year on the Bush doctrine, vaccines, Ayn Rand and selfishness, etc.; a Renaissance gathering with experts on healthy living, science & technology, art & literature, economics and geo-politics, law and religion, and philosophy and history; Anthem, the first libertarian film festival; and an unforgettable Saturday night banquet (this year it’s a masquerade ball).  

Steve Forbes said it best, “FreedomFest is so good I changed my schedule to attend all 3 days.”  He and John Mackey are now official ambassadors to FreedomFest.  

The full schedule has now been posted online.  Go to “agenda” at

I will be there representing Human Events and Eagle Publishing (reporter Paul Dykewicz will be reporting daily to Human Events readers).  

This year’s conference is almost sold out, but there’s still time to attend if you want to make join us. Go to or call Tami Holland at 1-866-266-5101.