Who Is Herman Cain?

Businessman Herman Cain, who was responsible for turning around businesses many thought would not be turned around, consistently scores the highest positive intensity score in polls.

His name identification, though, remains low.

To put it simply, the more people get to know him, the more they like or have an interest in him.

Cain’s obvious goal is to get his name identification numbers higher, and he seems to be starting a blitz of events and media intended to do that.

This week, it was revealed that a book titled Who Is Herman Cain? will be published by Simon and Schuster in the fall, when most voters are tuning in to the presidential contest.

And yesterday, in the key early primary state of South Carolina, Cain held an event in which he unveiled his three “economic guiding principles,” which are that production drives the economy, risk-taking drives growth, and measurements must be dependable.

According to the Cain campaign, “Cain believes that the federal government should ease the burdens of excessive taxation and regulation to spur economic growth to increase production,” which includes “lowering the top corporate and personal income tax rate to a maximum rate of 25 percent, suspending taxes on repatriated profits and making the lowered tax rates permanent.”

Further, Cain believes that to increase access to capital, taxes on capital gains and their dividens need to be eliminated to “incentivize companies to invest in worker training programs, new equipment and emerging technologies.”

“The capital gains tax represents a wall between people with money and people with ideas,” Cain said in a statement. “And people with ideas are the catalyst for new businesses and new job growth.”

Finally, Cain wants to “help stabilize the value of the dollar in order to provide monetary stability by dramatically reducing the national debt through meaningful spending cuts and restructuring government assistance programs” for “stabilizing the value of the dollar would help to eliminate uncertainty that impedes business expansion and job creation.”

The more Cain focuses attention on his business credentials, the better his candidacy will become.

And today, Cain’s campaign will hold an innovative day of social media on and

Cain has the potential to exceed expectations in the early primary contests, but in order to do so, he has to be more of a household name.

He seems to have an innovative team that is intent on ensuring that more people know who Herman Cain and his record of successfully turning around businesses many thought were doomed and how he would apply those principles to a country’s economy many similarly think has no chance of turning the corner.