Obama Press Conference: All Your Sacred Cows Are Belong To Us


President Obama emerged to give his first press conference in three months today, and addressed the nation with one non-negotiable demand: taxes must be raised.

“It would be nice if we could keep every tax break there is, but we’ve got to make some tough choices here if we want to reduce our deficit,” the President declared.  He went on to lecture Republicans on their “sacred cows,” but made it clear Democrats will remain utterly intransigent on tax increases. 

How are those tax hikes not “sacred cows,” especially when any revenue that could conceivably be gained by tax increases on the Evil Rich would supply only a tiny fraction of the money needed to close the budget deficit?  As a matter of minimal common sense, if it’s mathematically demonstrable that spending is responsible for 90% of the budget problem, then why aren’t the people holding up solutions until they get their precious tax increases the ones riding around on sacred cows?  Especially when Obama is the one perpetually shocked by all the “unexpected” economic news – the one forced to admit he was completely and utterly wrong about the “shovel-ready jobs” his gigantic stimulus bill would create?

For two years, Obama and the Democrats have demonstrated they have absolutely no clue how the private sector works.  Their projections of unemployment rates without the “stimulus” turned out to be lower than the unemployment we actually got with the stimulus.  Why does it make any logical sense to bow to their inflexible demands after a record of failure like that, as a pre-condition for further negotiations?  Americans are tired of fruitless negotiations with a government that takes without thought, and spends without limit. 

This Obama presser was exhausting, because it felt so old and tired.  Every line had cobwebs hanging from it.  Once again, we heard that government’s most essential services would be instantly cut if the debt ceiling is not raised, while the silly pork spending, vote buying, and crony-capitalist theft is protected by the steel armor of Democrat class-warfare politics. 

“Ask Republican constituents if they’re willing to compromise their kids’ safety so some corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break,” Obama challenged.  Fun fact: the tax breaks for corporate jet owners were his damned idea.  They were part of the trillion-dollar “stimulus” disaster we’re all supposed to forget about, while the President whines that he needs even more money.

This revealing moment illustrates the difference between “leadership,” which Obama talks about quite a bit, and “rulership.”  Rulers are mercurial.  You’re supposed to appreciate what they give you without question, and surrender it instantly without objection, when the ruler decides to take it back.

This speech was a political disaster for the Democrats.  It was filled with deadly little sound bites like the corporate jet blunder.  The President famous for golfing and fund-raising bragged about his superior work ethic.  The head of the MediScare Party claimed he is “not engaging in scare tactics.”  The head of the party that hasn’t passed a budget in over 750 days claimed “we have run out of tools to make sure the bills are paid.”  The royal presence who dispenses ObamaCare waivers to a favored few, and enjoys the support of certain corporations that somehow manage to avoid paying taxes on billions in revenue, complained about disfavored oil companies taking advantage of tax exemptions. 

Obama actually claimed his assurances that the Libyan war would last “days, not weeks” had been kept.  It turns out that when he said “days, not weeks,” he was actually talking about one small stage in a far larger operation, and was – once again – talking at a level too high for lesser beings to understand.  A political leader is in very deep trouble when outright delusion is necessary to accept his words.

The deadliest aspect of this press conference is how completely it reinforces the notion that all money belongs to the State.  Free citizens “earn” nothing; they are allowed to keep whatever Obama and his colleagues decide they don’t need.  There is no way to sort through the incomprehensible mess of the President’s comments without embracing this idea as the Rosetta Stone necessary to translate them.  The further Democrat desperation for power and money backs them into that corner, the more they will lose voters who do not wish to follow them there, and accept them as masters.

The failures of the past two years should make it clear that all the “middle class family problems” Obama rhapsodized about in his presser will not be solved through central planning from Washington.  We need our money back to find those solutions for ourselves, and we will not be panicked or intimidated out of our determination to do so.