Huntsman Campaign Launches Innnovative 'Reality Room' Rapid Response Strategy (@RealityRoom).

In a sign of how technology and social media are changing the terrain on which campaigns, and particulalry the rapid response wars, are conduced, the Jon Huntsman for President campaign launched what the campaign dubbed as a “cutting-edge rapid response web effort called” called “The Reality Room.”

THe “Reality Room” has a website at and a Twitter handle (@RealityRoom).

According to a release, the “Reality Room” will feature “blog posts that lay out research, video, and news reports that illustrate Gov. Huntsman’s true record” and “is an aggressive fact distributer through social media that reflects the constantly evolving, non-stop media cycle where misleading reports can spread instantly.”

“Governor Huntsman is running a different kind of campaign — choosing substance, record, and solutions over spin. As he has said many times, he is running on his record, not from it,” Huntsman for President spokesman Tim Miller said in a statement. “Reality Room will cut through the spin and falsehoods to tell voters the true story about Governor Huntsman’s record — which is a record of historic tax cuts, balanced budgets, job-creation and free-market healthcare reform.”

Much has changed since the last campaign cycle when campaigns were just getting acclimated with Facebook.

Now, the battle to fact-check disinformation and spin often begins on Twitter, where campaigns try to influence reporters and influential personalities before their opinions are congealed or put into writing.

The Huntsman campaign may have its troubles getting red-meat conservatives on their side, as recent polls may suggest, but this is another instance that Team Huntsman is ahead of the game and gets the modern campaign and media cycle better than most campaigns.

In addition to the “Reality Room,” Huntsman’s website,, has been lauded as being one of the best campaign websites and was designed in a way that is easy to use and navigate on mobile devices and iPads.

Should Huntsman gain traction, these are more examples of the infrastructure that he will have in place to go the distance.