The Club For Growth Rates Bachmann Favorably

The fiscally conservative Club for Growth gave Rep. Michele Bachmann high praise in a report that analyzed how she would fare as a potential pro-growth President.

“With very few exceptions, Congresswoman Bachmann has supported pro-growth policies throughout her career,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “After reviewing her record, we are confident that Congresswoman Bachmann would be a pro-growth President.”

Bachmann’s glowing record may have come about because, unlike the governors that the Club has analyzed, she has not been in an executive position to make some of the tougher decisions executives are faced with.

Nevertheless, the Club’s report is another indication of why Bachmann polls favorably with the conservative base. Not only is she rhetorically on their side on fiscal and social issues that are dear to conservatives, she has voted for those issues when they have counted in the legislative arena.

According to the Club’s website, this is how they analyze the presidential candidates on their votes and records:

The Club’s analysis focuses on the candidates’ records in several areas that impact economic prosperity and freedom. The categories are: taxes; spending; regulation; free trade; entitlement reform; school choice; legal reform; and political free speech. In addition, to help differentiate between candidates who are principled in their belief in free enterprise and those who readily sacrifice those beliefs in favor of political expediency, the Club also assesses in these White Papers the candidates’ records of political activity and endorsements over the years.