Team America: World Environmental Police

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has been going through the Environmental Protection Agency’s books, and they found a few wee little line items they would like to ask EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson about.  For example:

$718,000 to help China comply with both the Stockholm and Long Range Transport of Air Pollutants Convention

$700,000 for Thailand to recover methane gas at 12 pig farms

$1,226,841 for the United Nations to promote clean fuels

$150,000 for INTERPOL to combat fraud in carbon trading

$15,000 for Indonesia’s “Breathe Easy, Jakarta” publicity campaign

And it’s not just Jakarta that can breathe easy, thanks to the incredible (and compulsory) generosity of the American taxpayer!  Poland and Russia scored a cool quarter million dollars apiece to deal with methane emissions, while China got nearly a million dollars in grants to deal with similar issues.  Poland also received $400,000 to develop “a clean-burning alternative fuel resource” to achieve “a significant reduction of methane emissions.” 

Have you ever smelled methane?  Lawdy, it stinks to high heaven. Good thing Americans are paying to cleanse it from atmospheres most of us will never smell, in some of the same countries that finance our immense national debt!

Speaking of which, you’ll be glad to know you also gave China a $718,000 EPA grant to meet the Stockholm Convention standards for air pollution, $230,000 to encourage the adoption of cleaner rural energy technologies, and $120,000 for a demonstration project to deal with the “village-scale anaerobic digestion” of animal and septic tank waste.  It takes a village to spend American taxpayer money!

We’ve also got $75,000 going to Vietnam to address “rapidly growing sources of livestock waste,” which are supposedly “a contributing factor global greenhouse concentrations.”  Why are we spending money to stop that?  We’re going to need those greenhouse gases when the Little Ice Age begins. 

All told, the EPA’s 65 dubious foreign grants add up to over $27 million “that the EPA has handed out since the stimulus was signed into law in February 2009.”  That might help to explain why we’ve still got 16% real unemployment despite a trillion dollars in “stimulus” spending.  If “Sheriff” Joe Biden is still looking for all the stimulus money that vanished without a trace, he might consider a trip to Vietnam.

As the House Energy and Commerce committee noted in a letter to Jackson:

“We hope you would agree that in these challenging economic times, with unemployment at over 9 percent, federal spending should reflect the priorities of the American people.  This includes investment in the American economy and its greatest assets: the American worker, and those who create the jobs they fill.

“Assisting the Chinese mining industry or the Chinese government with methane recovery would probably not occur to most Americans as the most valuable use of these funds- especially as China holds over $1.1 trillion in United States Treasury Securities. We are concerned that, more broadly, EPA’s awarding of foreign grants reflects a surprising detachment from our nation’s foremost priorities, including those in the environmental realm.”

Let’s hear some more Democrat talk about how rich people need to pay higher taxes, so the EPA can “provide training and technical assistance to improve the environmental management capacity” of Russia.  Or, let’s get sane and start dismantling this out-of-control, ridiculously over-funded, job-killing government agency.