Suicide Bombers Attack the Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan

A massive suicide bombing attack has been perpetrated against the Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan, according to a Fox News report. 

According to Afghan police, up to six suicide bombers and an unspecified number of gunmen were involved in the attack.  MSNBC says “the attack began when a suicide vehicle blew out the front gate of the hotel.”

The BBC quotes a security official saying “three suicide bombers had blown themselves up – at the hotel’s front gate, on the second floor, and at the back of the hotel.”  Three more bombers are reportedly still at large in the hotel.

Gunshots and explosions have been heard throughout the building.  A number of police officers responding to the attack have reportedly been wounded.  Fighting is still said to be in progress at the time of this writing.

A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack in a phone call to the Associated Press.