Palinizing Bachmann

Gee, what a dunce Michele Bachmann is. Mixing up the town John Wayne grew up in.

Can you imagine the media reaction if she didn’t know how many states the USA had? Why, anoyne so stupid would be laughed off the national stage, right? That Bachmann is a perpetual gaffe machine. Oh wait, that’s Obama.

Just last week the Smartest President Ever committed a horrific gaffe while speaking at Fort Drum. Hey, it’s tough speaking sans TOTUS. Yet that was completely ignored by the networks. But they sure had plenty of airtime available to ridicule Bachmann last night.

Bachmann obviously is used to the double standards, as another Republican woman, Sarah Palin, long ago learned. Every word they utter, every thought they have is placed under the electron microscope and dissected not just for what was said, but what was meant and even what the media thinks they meant. They have their marching orders from the White House and that is to destroy anyone who poses the slightest threat to Obama.

Which leads us to this absurd Politico hit piece on Bachmann today, which claims Bachmann has a thin legislative résumé. Now considering Bachmann was first elected in 2006, it only makes sense none of her bills were signed into law since the Democrats controlled the House during her first two terms.

Now in her third House term, Bachmann has never had a bill or resolution she’s sponsored signed into law, and she’s never wielded a committee gavel, either at the full or subcommittee level. Bachmann’s amendments and bills have rarely been considered by any committee, even with the House under GOP control. In a chamber that rewards substantive policy work and insider maneuvering, Bachmann has shunned the inside game, choosing to be more of a bomb thrower than a legislator.

Gee, I though in this new Age of Civility the media would eschew such incendiary terms like bomb thrower? Was Senate neophyte Barack Obama ever called a bomb thrower in his two years in the Senate prior to running for president? Probably not. Especially since it was his friends who were known for throwing bombs.

It’s funny though, I don’t recall many in the lamestream media wringing their hands over Obama’s glaring lack of legislative accomplishments. Having the vaunted title of Community Organizer on his résumé was all he needed. He represented hope and change, magic unicorns and sugar plum fairies, and that’s all the media needed to build him up into some mythical figure. But let’s give credit where due. They at least acknowledge Obama had the thinnest of records when he ran. Just wish they told the public back then.

Of course, having a thin legislative résumé isn’t a dead end for a presidential run — Obama started running for president just two years into his Senate term and didn’t have a substantive list of congressional accomplishments.

It’s not that he didn’t have a substantive list. He had no list of accomplishments, other than reading off a TelePrompter. Even more worrisome now is the thin record of accomplishments he’s had as president, and none of it is positive. Or does he plan on running on unemployment of over 9% and trillions of dollars in debt racked up in record time?

Naturally, the Democrats are concerned about anyone who’s challenging Obama, and Bachmann is no exception. They already sent the DCCC email last night, calling her an extremist a number of times and concluding with this:

We’re fighting day and night to make sure President Obama has a Democratic Majority in the House. His agenda depends on it. But if we let tea party crazies like Michele Bachmann get elected to Congress, that agenda will go nowhere.

In the meantime, as Bachmann campaigns in Iowa and Palin unveils her movie there tonight, a certain interloper will interrupt his exhausting schedule of golf and fundraisers to also show up there today in an attempt to suck the oxygen out of the room.

No, he’s not concerned about these crazy, extremist women.