Media Go Hog Wild Over Bachmann's John Wayne Birthplace Gaffe

Michele Bachmann said Duke was born in Waterloo instead of Winterset.  So what?

Barack Obama once said he would campaign in all 57 states, which, on a sliding scale of silly to serious gaffes, has to rank up there in the latter category.

(Even the illegal aliens living in Los Angeles know there are 50 states, particularly the states that allow them to pump out herds of children on the taxpayers’ dime.)

While the media are trying to paint Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.) as a blunder-prone candidate—or “flake,” as Chris Wallace unjustifiably called her on “Fox News Sunday”—Barack Obama and many of his Democrat colleagues have played “Can You Top This?” with their own misstatements and slipups, and yet they do not receive even a scintilla of the scrutiny that Bachmann does. 

Within the last three years, the media’s self-appointed smartest President in modern history has insulted the Special Olympics, mixed up the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, falsely claimed that his American Uncle liberated Auschwitz, signed the Westminster Abbey guest book with the date 24 May 2008 when the date was really 24 May 2011, mispronounced “corpsman” when speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, and perhaps most egregiously, God’s gift to the presidency couldn’t even distinguish between living and dead Medal of Honor recipients.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

Gaffes hit us all.  But the frequency and folly of Obama’s are particularly troubling considering that he has an army of researchers, writers, handlers and teleprompters at his disposal.

That makes Obama’s gaffes a special kind of stupid.

Then there are the policy statements that are so far removed from reality.

When have you heard Michele Bachmann tout a “Recovery Summer” like Joe Biden did while the labor force shrinks and the economy limps along?  Or can you recall Bachmann blaming the persistent unemployment on modern technology, including those pesky ATM fees, as our genius President did?  When has Bachmann ever advocated codifying a new health-care law and then, and only then, finding out what was actually in that new health-care law, as Nancy Pelosi admitted to the press?

You haven’t.

Bachmann’s sin is that she has an “R” next to her name.  Mistakenly identifying the birthplace of John Wayne should serve as a reminder to all Republican contenders that every word they utter will be dissected under a microscope and debated, a hell of a lot more than their Democrat counterparts.  The media will let Democrats get away with driving a girl off a bridge and leaving her to die (Ted Kennedy), but Republicans, especially unapologetic conservative ones, won’t be given the benefit of the doubt, even when it comes to inconsequential errors. 

Rather than promise to grill Michele Bachmann’s foster kids or highlight the number of times she used the word “Iowa” in a speech in … Iowa, journalists could turn their sharp pens and cantankerous voices to the growing number of businesses suspiciously exempted from ObamaCare, the expanding number of surveys reporting that employers are dropping coverage because of the President’s health-care law, and the Democrats’ inability to offer any proposals to reform our Medicare system.

What does this all mean?

Trust the male pole dancer rocking in high heels and silver body paint on “America’s Got Talent” over the “mainstream” media when it comes to reporting on Michele Bachmann fairly.


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