Herman Cain: Jon Stewart's Not a Racist, But Lacks Taste and Humor


Presidential candidate Herman Cain appeared on Fox News this morning, and was asked about a Jon Stewart performance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, in which Stewart mocked Cain’s previously stated desire for “small bills” no more than “three pages long” if he wins the election.

Cain said he meant the “three pages” limit as a joke, to “drive home the point we don’t need complicated large bills.”  His original audience took it as such, but “obviously Jon Stewart didn’t get the joke.”

Responding to suggestions Stewart’s caricature of him was racist (“I am Herman Cain, and I do not like to read!”) Cain replied, “I do not believe it was racist, no.  Liberals have a problem with black conservatives.  With Jon being the liberal that he is, it’s more that I’m a black conservative than it is because I happen to be black man.”

Just try to imagine Jon Stewart lampooning a black liberal by saying he doesn’t like to read.  Go ahead, try it.  It’s fun!