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Guns & Patriots, Podcast Episode 3

In the June 28, 2011 episode of the Guns & Patriots, “The Third Jump,” G&P Editor Neil W. McCabe and Brian H. Darling, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation discuss the Obama administration’s program to facilitate gun trafficking to Mexican drug lords and other current events. McCabe also has conversations with G&P Contributor Kathryn M. DeLong about her article about Frank Miniter and his book “Saving the Bill of Rights” and with John Nevolo about his book “The Last Jump,” which is a novel about a present-day journalist going back to his late WWII veteran father’s paratrooper battle buddies to learn a secret his father took to the grave.

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Guns & Patriots is about firearms and the people who use them. We will bring you the story of the gun, hunter and soldier from the cornfield to the battlefield.

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