Gingrich Gains Former Huckabee Supporters In Georgia, Tries To Piece Back Campaign

The fate of Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign may be determined in Georgia. Even as many of his top staffers resigned due to a difference in campaign strategy, Gingrich may have enough of a built in floor of support to make it past some of the early caucus and primary  states.

Yesterday, the Gingrich campaign annocuned that Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise, State Representative Harry Geisinger and Georgia Grassroots leader Maria Strollo Zack “will each play a role in building Newt 2012 organization in Georgia.”

Wise, Geisinger, and Zack had supported Huckabee in Georgia during the 2008 primary season.

“We will run a citizen campaign built on solutions that will bring real change to Washington,” Gingrich said in the statement.  “I am honored to have these volunteer leaders join our campaign. This is the beginning of a campaign that will take power out of Washington and return it to the citizens.”

Former Huckabee Co-Chairman Maria Strollo Zack, in a statement, said, “fFrom the grassroots point of view, no other candidate has the conservative credentials, leadership experience and grasp of issues, and solutions, to beat Barack Obama.”

Gov. Nathan Deal, who is serving as the chairman of Newt 2012 in Georgia, said that “Newt’s the visionary, solutions-oriented leader we need. Like so many other Georgians giving Newt their support, I consider him a friend, and I’m proud to stand with him in this campaign.”

The Gingrich campaign has been put in a position where they essentially have been forced to start from scratch and adjust their campaign strategy on the go.

In a weird twist, such a topsy-turvy, on the fly strategy may be a campaign that actually fits the personality of the candidate.

The next months in Gingrich world certainly will not be boring and will probably not lack innovation. They’ll be forced to make up a lot of the rules on the go.