Bachmann, Cain Tied for Highest Positive Intensity Score in Gallup Poll

Former businessman Herman Cain and Minn. Rep. Michele Bachmann speak the language of Republicans and conservatives.

According to a new poll released by Gallup, Bachmann and Cain tie for the highest positive intensity score among Republicans.

According to Gallup:

Two Republican presidential candidates — Bachmann and Cain — stand out significantly above the others in terms of the positive intensity they generate from Republicans who know them. These two candidates have generally received the most positive emotional responses from Republicans all year, and, in the case of Bachmann, this has now manifested itself in strong showings in trial-heat polls conducted in Iowa and an increased national stature.

In the poll, 46 percent of those surveyed identified Cain while 69 percent identified Bachmann.

Bachmann and Cain have been the two bluntest and most outspoken on issues, both fiscal and cultural, that conservatives care about in an anti-Obama primary cycle.

Cain’s challenge going forward will be to convince voters that his lack of government experience will not be a negative in his campaign. Of course, Cain can argue that he has turned multiple businesses around in the private sector that many thought were doomed to failure.

Bachmann, like Cain, must convince voters that her lack of executive experience or significant accomplishments in the legislative arena is not a negative mark in her candidacy.

Both candidates, though, will have the ears of conservatives based on their message and their stands on issues. This allows them to cut through the filter in a media cycle that is become more fragmented.

Bachmann’s challenge going forward will be to maintain the intense support that the poll showed. It seems like Cain’s challenge will be do get his name out to a broader spectrum of Republicans.