Taliban Youth Outreach Program Kills 8-Year-Old Girl

During his announcement of the Afghanistan troop drawdown last week, President Obama offered an optimistic outlook for the future of the Taliban.  The violent Islamic fascists would become an important part of the “transition” that included withdrawing American military power.  “America will join initiatives that reconcile the Afghan people, including the Taliban,” Obama promised, adding that “those who want to be part of a peaceful Afghanistan must break from al-Qaeda and abandon violence.”

The day before Obama gave this speech, the once and future masters of Afghanistan’s future grabbed a 9-year-old girl off the street, pumped her full of drugs, stuffed her into a suicide vest, and directed her to blow up a paramilitary checkpoint.  Thankfully, she ran to the troops for help instead, and was rescued.

Yesterday, the heroic mujahedeen warriors handed a bag to an even younger girl, only eight years old, and told her to bring it to the nice policemen parked in a nearby car.  The bag contained a remotely detonated bomb.  The Taliban detonated the bomb early, blowing the little girl to pieces, but harming no one else.

Also over the weekend, a suicide bomber drove a car bomb into a clinic that served “mostly women and children lined up for vaccinations, maternity care, and other services,” according to the Associated Press.  At least 35 civilians were killed, including “patients, visitors, and medical staffers.”  This bomber had presumably reached puberty, as his feet were able to reach the pedals of the car.

For the record, the Taliban denies responsibility for the clinic bombing, but there is no reason to take the word of filthy degenerates who trick little kids into carrying bombs.  For instance, the AP report on the clinic bombing describes it as “the deadliest since February, when three men shot to death 38 people at a Kabul Bank branch in Jalalabad.”  A bomb attack in the same month killed 31 people waiting to receive government ID cards.  The Taliban openly claimed responsibility for these attacks… and yet, they also “claim they do not target civilians.”

To justify his withdrawal of American military power from Afghanistan, President Obama is pretending that the forces of anti-civilization can be invited to rejoin the shaky civilian government in a productive capacity.  The idea that people who haven’t met the most basic standards of civilized behavior will suddenly “abandon violence,” so they can become one voice among many in a “peaceful Afghanistan,” is utterly delusional. 

According to a U.N. report, May was the deadliest month for Afghan civilians since 2007.  The Taliban is not “transitioning” into anything.  They’re intensifying their efforts to build a bridge back to September 2001.  They’re not even bothering to lay low until the American troops are gone, because they know they don’t have to.

Abominations like the Taliban are dealt with through military victory, which means killing so many of them that nobody wants to join the Taliban any more, and the skeletal organization that remains can be mopped up by the local police.  We haven’t done that.  If domestic economic and political conditions demand our withdrawal from the Afghan theater – and polls show substantial public support for bringing those troops home – then so be it, but no one involved with that decision should be allowed to pretend that Operation Enduring Freedom ended in some kind of victory. 

What freedom we have kindled in Afghanistan will not endure long beyond the departure of our surge troops, when the Taliban will correctly calculate that the only have to detonate a few more children to terrorize the populace into submission.  Unlike Barack Obama, they do understand what victory looks like, and speak openly of their burning, bloody desire to seize it.  They don’t waste much time cooking up pretty speeches to goose up their poll numbers.