How Michele Bachmann's John Wayne (Gacy) Gaffe Could Help Her

Michele Bachmann has been criticized all day for her gaffe in which she said she would want to channel the spirit of Waterloo icon John Wayne. Except John Wayne was from Winterset, Iowa and not Waterloo.

The serial killer John Wayne Gacy, though, was from Waterloo and because of that connection, Bachmann’s gaffe went viral.

Her opponents on the left used this gaffe to hurl insults at her by calling her a clown, a lightweight, and a space cadet who is not capabale of effectively governing this country with no record of legislative accomplishments.

I don’t think the gaffe will hurt her that much in the end.

In fact, it may even help her.

Here’s why.

While she is derided for confusing The Duke with a serial killer, everyone, particularly in Iowa, will now know that she is from Waterloo, Iowa.

If because of this gaffe the whole state of Iowa realizes that Bachmann and Waterloo are linked, it may actually turn out to be a net positive for the Bachmann campaign, especially when running in a field that lacks an Iowa native as a candidate.