Jon Huntsman Does Not Need Republicans


Freshly minted presidential candidate Jon Huntsman revealed his strategy for snagging the Republican nomination in an interview with the Politico website, published this morning.  This strategy will not involve Republicans.  Huntsman wants your nomination, guys, but he finds you kind of embarrassing, and knows you’re not going to like the useless moderate pabulum he’s selling.

Instead, he’s going to grab that nomination by appealing to non-Republicans who can vote in open Republican primaries.  Kasie Hunt of Politico explains that Huntsman “made clear that he plans to capitalize on election rules in New Hampshire and South Carolina that allow independent voters to cast ballots in the GOP presidential primary. “

“When you look at open primaries in both New Hampshire and South Carolina, I think it’s a wide-open affair, I really do,” said Huntsman.

This strategy is supposed to help Huntsman overcome the baggage of his “moderate positions on the environment, immigration, and civil unions,” as well as “his time as Barack Obama’s ambassador to China.”  Being a conservative would have helped him get past working for Obama as an ambassador – which, after all, is not a domestic policy position.  A conservative could spin that straw into gold by using his proximity to the Chinese Communists as a learning experience to illuminate his defense of liberty and capitalism, showing voters he understands how they are inextricably entwined.

As for the rest, a “moderate position” on the environment means Huntsman believes in the global warming fraud, and is willing to sacrifice more jobs and tax money to its priesthood.  In an age when the Environmental Protection Agency has become a huge wood chipper for American jobs, a firm denial of radical environmentalist fantasies is a minimum requirement for any serious Republican candidate. 

His “moderate” position on immigration involved giving illegal aliens in Utah a way to drive without getting drivers licenses.  He also says the border fence, which his hero Barack Obama recently claimed he worked very hard to complete, “to some extent repulses me.” 

Huntsman’s chief strategist, John Weaver, apparently realized his candidate’s Politico interview was fatal, and desperately tried to walk it back by claiming the campaign intends to “do well, in New Hampshire and South Carolina and Florida, among Republicans.”  Too late, Mr. Weaver.  We just heard your candidate tell us how he plans to overwhelm us with “independents” and adventurous Democrats during the open primaries.  We don’t need to hear anything else.