Is Comedian Jon Stewart a Liberal Racist?

At a campaign event in Iowa yesterday that was captured on video by the liberal Think Progress, businessman Herman Cain, whose Gallup positive intensity score has consistently led the pack of presidential contenders, responded to a Jon Stewart segment on “The Daily Show” that he heard about in an interview with Sean Hannity earlier in the day.

Cain said he was informed of the segment in which Stewart mocked him with an “Amos and Andy type brogue,” and said he did not see the clip because he has been busy campaigning but that he has “been called every name in the book because I’m a conservative, because I’m black.”  

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, words are not going to hurt me,” Cain said. “I’m an American Black Conservative, an A-B-C”

Cain also said that “they keep trying to put labels on me” and said he has been called “Uncle Tom,” a “sell out,” and an “Oreo,” for being a black conservative “so the fact that he wants [Jon Stewart] to mock me because I happen to be a black conservative, in the words of my Grandfather, ‘I does not care. I does not care.'”

Was Jon Stewart displaying his latent racism? And is he allowed to get away with it because he is a liberal and the liberal members of the mainstream media like him and want to be liked by him?

The Daily Show segment that prompted Cain’s response can be seen here.

Cain’s response in Iowa, reported by Think Progress, can be seen here.