Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of Gun Walker, Darrell Issa Not Laughing


Jon Stewart took on the “Gun Walker” scandal and “Operation Fast and Furious” on The Daily Show yesterday:

House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) was not terribly amused.  “This bit on Fast & Furious would be funny if it wasn’t done with your money, by your government,” Issa pointed out via his Twitter account.

Issa nevertheless made a point of including a link to the Daily Show bit, so I suspect he sees the significance of the Daily Show debut of this astonishing scandal he has worked so hard to investigate.  “Gun Walker” is on the cultural radar screen now, and the people who get all their news from Jon Stewart know what it is. 

Once they stop laughing, they might start wondering what the true purpose of such a violently absurd program might have been, and just who might have dreamed it up.  Hint: it wasn’t soon-to-be-former-acting-ATF-director Ken Melson.  The answers to those questions will come from Issa and his committee, not Jon Stewart, and they won’t be very funny.