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Heroic Taliban Jihad Warriors Deploy New Weapon: 9-Year-Old Girls


CNN brings us the latest tale of martial valor from the Taliban, which revolves around a 9-year-old girl named Suhana.  She was on her way to school when two armed men and two women in burqas abducted her, drugged her, and drove her to a paramilitary checkpoint in the Lower Dir district.  There they strapped her into a suicide vest and instructed her to blow up the checkpoint.  Instead, she ran to the paramilitary guards, screaming for help.  They were able to get the vest off her and take her into custody.  The Taliban Youth Outreach Program apparently escaped.

The Taliban has used teenagers for suicide bombers before, after making a minimal effort to train and brainwash them, but CNN reports “there have been few cases, if any, of children as young as nine.”  Too bad Islam’s pile of famously strict shari’a laws doesn’t include any injunctions against conscripting or murdering children. 

Afghan president Hamid Karzai claims the United States is holding peace talks with the Taliban savages, an idea the Administration will neither confirm nor deny.  Bloomberg News got an email from White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden that said “we continue to support an Afghan- led reconciliation and reintegration process that would bring insurgents in from the cold provided they meet the Afghan government’s long-standing redlines: renounce violence, break with al-Qaeda, and live under the constitution, including respect for the rights of women.”

The people she’s talking about just pumped a 9-year-old girl full of drugs and tried to turn her into a grenade.  That probably violates one of the “long-standing redlines.”


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