RADICAL LEFTIST LAWYER Attacks Michele Bachmann On Stage

OK. I wrote about this yesterday, but now we have more information on the story.


A radical leftist attacked Michele Bachmann Saturday at Right Online 2011 after her speech.

And, then she completely justify it.

UPDATE: Marooned in Marin pointed this out earlier:

Jim: This woman is an attorney at National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter. She represented some of the anarchists arrested in the 2008 raids before the GOP Convention in a civil suit.

It figures. She’s a freakin radical leftist lawyer. Here’s more on the attacker Rachel E. B. Lang:

She is a lawyer at the Communist allied National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter, according to this link. She was an attorney for some of the anarchists who were plaintiffs in a settlement for a 2008 raid before the Republican National Convention.

More… Instapundit asks, “Where was the security?” Agreed. This leftist should have been pepper sprayed before she got 10 feet from the stage.