Coulter's Way of Dealing with the Leftist Mob: Smash Their Faces!

Ann Coulter says that conservatives are way too nice with liberal thugs and must instead react harshly when dealing with the “mobs” she writes about in Demonic.

“Conservatives don’t like disorder.  We don’t even like disorder on behalf of defending order.”

She says that has to end.

Regarding the “smashing their faces” comment, Coulter is referencing the two hecklers who interrupted Sarah Palin’s speech at the 2008 Republican National Committee’s convention.  Rather than deal aggressively with the unhinged protesters, the security guards, Coulter recalls, politely asked the women not to interrupt again.  So what did these two Code Pink whack jobs do after being warned?  They decided to disrupt McCain’s acceptance speech the next evening!

Coulter’s solution?  The duo should’ve been dragged out of the convention by the hair and had charges pressed against them.  Then they would’ve had second thoughts on barging in on any more private events.

“When you are faced with a mob, you must overreact.  Always overreact.  You cannot reason with a mob.”