Andrew Breitbart Gang-Rushed by Leftist Mob at Nutroots Conference

Conservative Andrew Breitbart was just gang-rushed by a mob of radical leftists at the Nutroots 2011 Convention.

Andrew Breitbart decided to go chat with the enlightened leftists at Nutroots 2011 today. The annual leftist online convention is being held a couple of blocks from the Right Online convention. The leftists immediately swarmed him and attacked him.

They couldn’t help it.


That’s when things got really ugly.


The leftists led by Ryan Clayton from US Uncut called him a racist and homosexual. They accused him of quoting gay rags and sending employees out to abuse innocent Muslim women.

Of course the gay-hater had no facts to back him up. Nothing.

They mob followed him, heckled him, insulted him, screamed at him until Andrew left the building. Then they called him a coward when he left the building.

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