More Fun With Yearbooks

A couple of weeks ago, we learned that of “The Worst People Of All Time,” charged with leftist politics and pure stupidity, managed to get into the yearbook of the Russellville Middle School in Arkansas.  The list named Hitler, bin Laden, Charles Manson, George Bush, and Dick Cheney.

In the Russellville case, school administrators thought they could address the concerns of outraged parents by covering the offending list with strips of tape, and claimed to be astonished when kids simply peeled the tape off.

No amount of tape will fix the yearbook of the Big Bear High School in southern California, whose yearbook includes a photo of two teenaged students engaging in a sex act.  It seems “the background of a school dance photo shows a 17-year-old boy’s hand inside the clothing of a 15-year-old girl in a way that suggests sexual penetration,” according to an Associated Press report.

“The photo was taken at a dance and the suspect and victim are not the focus of the photo,” a sheriff’s department spokeswoman explained.  “They are in the background and likely didn’t know they were in the photo.”

Somehow the yearbook adviser didn’t notice the photo, although students noticed it in a matter of micro-seconds.  We pay a lot of money for the administrative staff of public schools.  Are these yearbooks reviewed by only a single adult before publication?

Of course, the school district bureaucracy is refusing all calls from the media.  Meanwhile, the AP says detectives are “contacting students who haven’t turned in yearbooks with a warning they could face a charge of possessing child porn.”

Once turned in, the yearbooks are being subjected to “editing,” which apparently involves “covering the suspect photo with another page or another photograph.”  Oh, my God, they really are going to try fixing this with tape, aren’t they?