The John Edwards Mug Shot


As John Edwards used to be fond of saying, there are two Americas.  One of them is filled with U.S. Marshals, who recently booked the former Face of the Democrat Party on conspiracy and campaign finance law charges.  CNN used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain his mug shots.

Edwards is doing his best to reclaim the title from the New Face of the Democrat Party, Anthony Weiner, because this is the creepiest mug shot ever.  He looks like he’s checking in to Arkham Asylum.

Edwards is pleading not guilty to all charges, because the Justice Department wouldn’t let him skate without jail time in a plea-bargain agreement.  According to CNN, he wants this messy business to have “minimal impact on his two younger children.” 

Oh, you’ve already had plenty of impact on your kids, Mr. Edwards.  If you come home wearing the expression from your mug shot, and announce yourself by shouting “Heeeeeeeres Johnny!”, they’ll never sleep again.