Sarah Palin: Mainstream Media Was Once A Respected Cornerstone of Democracy

Former Alaska Governor and potential presidential contender Sarah Palin was on Fox Business Channel and was asked about her thoughts on the Republican field of candidates and the mainstream media that gleefully tried to rummage through her e-mails hoping to find “smoking guns” with which to embarass and mock her.

Palin said that it was natural for her to be thinking of how she would have answered some of the debate questions and said that what she would “like to see is the GOP contenders not hesitating to call one another out on their records” because “we condemn the Democrats quite often, I know I do, for not having vetted their own candidate and allowing him to rise to the surface a few years ago,” which can be interpreted to be a shot at former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty who brought up “ObamneyCare” on Sunday and refused to repeat that phrase and go after Mitt Romney‘s failed health care plan during the Monday’s debate.

Regarding her e-mails, Palin said that she hoped people who may not be familiar with her record would get an opportunity to learn about her record on “energy independence, fish and game conservation, protecting second amendment rights, why I opposed Obama’s stimulus package.”

Palin also said she felt “vindication,” and those comments were obviously directed at the mainstream media and her critics.

Regarding the mainstream media, Palin said that they were “once a respected cornerstone of our democracy” but that their “priorities are quite skewed” right now.

The complete interview can be seen here.