Requiem For A Liar


It didn’t take long after news of his impending resignation broke for anguished liberals to begin transforming disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner into a victim.  Twitter was filled with sobbing Democrats wailing at the unfair cruelty of those who mocked this troubled man. 

Liberal pundit Alan Colmes had something like a nervous breakdown on Fox News, crying that it was “a shame” that a man who was “probably trying to preserve his dignity and his marriage” through lies and slander had to lose his job.  “I don’t think that’s a reason to step down, sadly,” Colmes concluded.  If that sentence is parsed literally, and Colmes is saying it’s sad that he’s willing to tolerate a creature like Weiner in congress, I finally agree with him about something.  (Hat tip to Jim Hoft for the video below.)

Let us not forget who Anthony Weiner is, and what he did.  This is not a tale of vicious right-wingers dragging down a noble public servant.  Andrew Breitbart, and the others who helped expose Weiner’s activities, did not do anything wrong.  Anthony Weiner did something wrong.

Anthony Weiner set racy text messages and photos to women he met on the Internet.  Based on what we know thus far, he began doing this less than a month after he got married.

He established contact with a 17-year-old girl in Delaware, who became one of the very few people he followed on Twitter at the time.  He backed away from her when advised that a group of conservative Internet users were monitoring his activities.  He resumed communication with her a few weeks later.

He got busted for sending a photo of a male crotch to a college girl, after accidentally forgetting to make it a private communiqué. 

When he was exposed (if you’ll pardon the pun,) Weiner lied through his teeth about the affair, and made false claims his account had been hacked.  He only dropped this story when skeptical conservatives kept asking why he didn’t report this massive intrusion of a sitting Congressman’s electronic security to the proper authorities. 

Weiner and liberal surrogates tried to slander Andrew Breitbart and various other people by claiming they were the phantom hacker.

With the “hacker” defense evaporating, Weiner began claiming he had been “pranked” by someone who used his accounts without authorization.  A great many liberals made absolute, total fools of themselves by swallowing this nonsense and working to prove it could be possible.  It’s fun to mock this foolishness, and politically useful to think a number of lefty dingbats won’t be taken seriously by discriminating readers any more… but it’s an outrage for a sitting member of Congress to use his power and position to entice American citizens into acting like fools on his behalf.

Weiner used his power to attract at least half a dozen women into exchanging sexually explicit messages with him.  He spent a great deal of his time in office doing this, and may have used government equipment.  We pay his lavish salary, and fund the bloated staff that helped him act like a fourteen-year-old boy.

One of the women Weiner flirted with, porn actress Ginger Lee, says he wanted her to lie about the affair to protect him, and offered to send a professional public-relations team to coach her.  Presumably this team would be taxpayer funded.  If they’re not a line item on his Congressional budget, and he’s “paying them out of his own pocket,” remember that Anthony Weiner does not have a single dime that was not given to him by taxpayers, because he has never held a private-sector job in his adult life.

Weiner was in the process of obtaining a fully paid “sick leave” to work on his “personal issues.”  Meanwhile, a House ethics committee had formally opened an inquiry into his conduct, after his initial refusal to resign.  More taxpayer money wasted.

Ginger Lee also retained a lawyer, Gloria Allred, who claims the scandal has caused her emotional distress and lost wages.  One might view this claim with a bit of cynicism, but other women exposed as Weiner correspondents have also complained, understandably, of significant disruptions in their lives.

That is what Anthony Weiner did, and why he must resign.  Anything else I can explain to you, Mr. Colmes?



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