Coulter: Democrats Appeal to the Stupidest Voter

Preferably those who don’t speak English, felons and soccer moms—the most easily led, “perpetually alarmed voters” who personify the “mob” mentality in action.

So said Ann Coulter when we sat down with her to discuss her latest book, Demonic.

With those voters, Coulter postulates, we’re at perennial disadvantage because they’re forever led by their heart and never their head.  Conservatives, on the other hand, create carefully crafted arguments that advance a position—the Declaration of Independence, for instance.  Coulter explains that the Founders had to persuade people that living under the British king wasn’t the most optimum scenario, which was a contested position at the time.  Thus, the vigilantly reasoned document that gave the framework for our separation from the English.

But liberals, Coulter notes, are more in line with the French Revolution, a movement grounded in disorder and groupthink.

“It would be like if this country celebrated the L.A. riots,” Coulter concluded.