Wisconsin Senate Passes Concealed Carry Law


Not only did the Wisconsin Supreme Court uphold the legality of Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reforms yesterday, smacking down union-friendly Judge Maryann Sumi’s blatantly improper attempt to throttle the law on a technicality, but the Wisconsin Senate also passed a concealed-carry law.

If the bill also passes the state Assembly, citizens who obtain the proper permit would be allowed to carry concealed weapons in public places, with common-sense exceptions such as “police stations, courthouses, and the upcoming Summerfest music festival,” as reported by the Associated Press.  The Assembly vote could happen later this week.

“Republicans say the bill will allow people to defend themselves,” the AP report continues, while “Democrats say the fact that exemptions were needed proves how inherently unsafe the measure is.”

Exemptions prove a law is unwise?  I assume these Wisconsin Democrats are chomping at the bit to repeal ObamaCare, then.  Also, given the number of bullets found around the capitol in Madison after the last union thug freak-out, I had the impression union bosses are all in favor of carrying concealed weapons to public places.

Gun control has been simmering at a low burn on the national stage, as other matters occupy our attention, but those who honor the Second Amendment should never forget its importance in the catechism of the Left.  Concealed-carry laws are viewed as an insult against the wise and benevolent State, whose agents are the only ones that can ever be trusted with firearms.  The State will provide all necessary protection for citizens, and “solve” crime by addressing its “root causes.” 

Allowing citizens to pass rigorous tests and carry concealed weapons is a simple, tangible rejection of the Left’s faith in government, and an intolerable assertion of individual rights.  Nowhere do academic theories dissolve faster than during an encounter with violent criminals. 

The hard Left does not like assertions of individual liberty, which they view as defiance.  It pains them to see the public escape from “collective bargaining” agreements they played no part in reaching, or assert the right to bear arms against the lawlessness of both anarchy and tyranny.  The Left is having a very painful week in Madison, Wisconsin.