Trump Calls Bachmann the Real Deal, but Pawlenty Is Fired

Rep. Michele Bachmann really impressed while Gov. Tim Pawlenty passed up the chance to hit Mitt Romney hard over his health care law in Massachusetts, which many say was a precursor to ObamaCare.  So said Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, reacting to the first major Republican Party presidential debate.

Michele Bachmann did a very good job.  I thought she looked good, looked sharp, sounded good,” [but] Pawlenty missed a great opportunity on ‘Romneycare.’ ”

“Is he too nice?” The Donald mused, adding, “I don’t know what happened.  But I thought [Pawlenty] did not do well, and he was very, very wordy.”

Pawlenty’s verbosity, Trump argued, is not the type of leadership Americans are looking for in a presidential candidate.  “We’re in deep trouble.  We need tough people that are smart.”

“We don’t need words, we need action.”

Trump faulted the moderator of the New Hampshire debate, CNN’s John King, for repeatedly interrupting the candidates mid-sentence.

“You can’t say to somebody, ‘What would you do to fix the economy, you have 20 seconds,’ and then during the 20 seconds you’re trying to rush them.”

Then there was King’s frequent grunting.

“You just kept hearing these little blurts from his mouth.  So I don’t know what John was doing.  I just don’t understand it.”

What about the “Coke vs. Pepsi” questions?  America’s favorite billionaire called them “interesting for certain people in the audience.  Not serious people.”

What subjects should have been debated but weren’t?

America’s standing in the world, particularly in the area of foreign trade and oil importation, which was a constant theme of Trump’s when he was still flirting with a run as a GOP contender for President.  “How can you have a serious conversation on the economy without discussing the fact that OPEC is hitting us like nobody has ever hit us before, and they’re laughing at the stupid people that we have representing us.  They’re laughing at what they consider our stupid representatives.”

Trump’s not done considering a run for the highest office in the land, however.  He explained to HUMAN EVENTS that he may gin up a grassroots campaign if he doesn’t think the crowned GOP victor can beat Barack Obama.  “If they [Republicans] pick a candidate that I think can’t win or won’t win against Obama, I would very, very likely run as an independent candidate.”

The Donald is under contract with NBC for another 11 months, so he’ll consider his options then.

“Who gives up a hit show?  Not very many people,” he answered rhetorically.

The real estate mogul continued his sharp words for Republicans, most notably Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget that would save Medicare from going insolvent.  Trump called the plan a “death wish” for Republicans, citing the recent GOP loss in the election in the 26th district of New York as an example.  He argued that Republicans made a tactical blunder by offering a proposal first—a proposal that will be so easily demagogued close to an election cycle.  “[Obama] should really have been the one to come out with a plan,” he noted.

Trump even criticized Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor for demanding that disaster relief to victims of the recent tornadoes that rocked the country be offset by accompanying cuts in the federal budget.  “Here we are, we’re spending billions and billions and billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet we can’t take care of our own people who got wiped out by the worst [tornadoes] we’ve had in 50 years,” Trump emphatically stated.

On Palin, well, Trump’s a big fan (“She’s a terrific woman”), but his gut tells him she won’t be entering the race.

“She at this moment doesn’t know herself whether she’s going to enter the race.  She’d like to on many different fronts.  At the same time, I’m not sure that she will.”