The Ice Age Cometh


Remember all the “global warming” hysteria from the past twenty years?  If not, ask your kids to run through it for you.  If they attend a public school, they’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated with it.

You can relax, and tell the kids to forget all that stuff, because there’s good news: no global warming.  In fact, there’s global cooling.  You know what?  Let’s just call it a mini-Ice Age.

Ironically, this is exactly what environmental alarmists were warning about back in the Seventies, before “global warming” became all the rage.  Why the switch from cooling to warming?  Because warming was easier to pin on human behavior.  The environmental movement, strongly connected with global socialist movements, realized people would fall for the idea of belching smokestacks and farting automobile mufflers contributing to some sort of planetary Tasty-Bake Oven.

When no physical evidence of global warming was detected, and the scam became harder to sell, the environmentalists switched to “climate change” instead of “global warming.”  This completed the devolution of “science” into something like a primitive tribal religion, in which every single thing that happened could be blamed on Angry Sky Gods… which could only be appeased by fabulous sacrifices to the “climate change” shamans.

Hot summer?  Climate change!  Cold summer?  Climate change!  Drought?  Climate change!  Floods?  Climate change!  Anecdotal weather phenomenon were irrelevant when the priesthood said so, but proof of their prophecies when convenient.

Above all, it was crucial to hammer the public with the notion that “climate change” was a corruption of Nature, caused by human behavior.  One British enviro-socialist group went so far as to make a video in which children who denied human involvement in climate change would explode into bloody chunks as punishment for their sacrilege.  Major celebrities were involved in creating this big-budget atrocity.  They later tried to scrub the video from the Internet after public outrage, but I have embedded it below as a reminder that (a) these people are totalitarian freaks, and (b) you can’t scrub anything from the Internet.  Warning: this video is very graphic.

So, if the new observations of scientists prove out, and we suffer from global cooling, is human activity to blame?  No.  The cause is a reduction in sunspot activity, comparable to the one Galileo observed in the 17th century, at the beginning of the last mini-Ice Age.  Solar activity usually runs on an 11-year cycle, but it looks like we might be headed for a period of reduced activity that could last for decades.  The one that occurred in Galileo’s day lasted for about 70 years.

The global-warming scam was the greatest fraud in history, with an economic cost that dwarfed the crimes of Bernie Madoff.  It is long past time to sweep the last legislative vestiges of this crime against science and liberty away.  If the architects of that scheme had achieved their goals, and forced a more primitive, low-energy state on everyone (except themselves, of course) we would lack the fuel and technology we might need in the cold years ahead.  Never has the urgency of reclaiming science from political activists, and freedom from extremists, been more abundantly clear.