Memo to DNC: More Wasserman Schultz, Please

Never have four words been so easily exploitable. After seeing this today we expect a reasoned, mature response from the Democrats: They’ll probably call this ad anti-woman or something. Mark it down as well that at some point, as the ridicule of this nitwit increases, that someone will play the anti-Semitism card. Believe me, it’s coming.

Now as you recount the ad’s recitation of Obama’s dreadful economic policies, here’s DWS following the GOP debate the other night. Clearly she has no idea what the word irony means.

President Obama is making the tough decisions to get our country going in the right direction, has taken our economy from job losses to 15 straight months of job gains, cut taxes 26 times, and focused like a laser on getting the middle class back on its feet while those campaigning to replace him have failed to show they can lead on these issues.

Obama cut taxes 26 times? Huh? Clearly, she’s living in an alternate universe:

We have so much success under this president. And we are so proud that he has been able to begin to move this country in the right direction,” she said.

So much success? Where?