Donald Trump Calls Anthony Weiner a 'Cancer on the Congress' and 'Wacko'

But that’s not all.

He also told HUMAN EVENTS the lecherous congressman has always been a deplorable individual.  “He’s a bad guy.  I’ve known him for a long time.  He’s a bad person.”

Trump continued:

“It’s so disgusting and disgraceful what [Weiner] did, having a United States congressman sending pictures like that.  And he had a death wish.  You talk about the Republican Party having a death wish, [but] the fact is, Anthony had a death wish.  Because any congressman, and especially a fairly well-known congressman, who would send pictures of his—not only his nude body—but his nude body with his face on it, that’s got to be some form of a death wish.  That’s got to be a psychological problem.”

Fortuitously, The Donald had a recent spat with Weiner on a CNN show before the congressman’s nude photos surfaced in which he alleges to have given the randy rep a prescient warning about his political career going up in smoke.

“I said, ‘Anthony, you’ll never be the mayor of New York,’ ” and he said, ‘Oh yes I will.’  And I said, ‘You will never be,’ ” Trump recalled.

“I turned out to be right for all the wrong reasons.”