The Syrian Smoking Gun

Sometimes confirmation can be unnerving, even when it’s not a surprise.  Such is the case with a UK Daily Telegraph report by Michael Weiss, who says he’s in possession of Syrian state documents “which suggest the regime fully orchestrated the ‘Nakba Day’ raids of Palestinian refugees into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on May 15.”

Thirteen people were killed in that incident, which saw a mob fling itself at the Israeli border.  Weiss’ document, which was leaked by a Syrian governor, shows the Syrian military was ordered to give twenty vehicles full of protesters unrestrained access to the Israeli border, and to “engage physically” in front of “United Nations agents and offices.”

“Furthermore, there is no objection if a few shots are fired in the air,” the document suggests.

A group was assigned to “break-in and infiltrate deep into the occupied Syrian Golan Heights [i.e. the territory Syria lost to Israel] with a specified pathway to avoid land mines.”  The document states it is essential to make sure none of these operatives carries military ID or a weapon, “as they enter with a strict emphasis on the peaceful and spontaneous nature of the protest.” 

The regime clearly knows how to play the international media like a fiddle.  We already knew that too, but once again, confirmation is unnerving.