The Palin Test


The most spectacular embarrassment in recent media history left the New York Times, the Washington Post, their far-left “partner” organizations, and their army of citizen muck-rakers sitting in a pile of crumpled Sarah Palin emails, with absolutely nothing news-worthy to show for their efforts.  They could do no better than saying her correspondence shows she had some interest in the vice-presidential spot before McCain selected her, and she doesn’t much care for the “lamestream media.”  Gee, I wonder why?

The UK Guardian summed up its findings as follows: “Tens of thousands of pages of Sarah Palin’s emails released on Friday offer an intimate portrait of a politician caught in an almost daily battle on issues ranging from oil exploration to an ethics investigation.”  Does anyone think the media dove into the Governor’s correspondence looking to prepare an “intimate portrait” of her “daily battles?”

In case you were wondering how dejected leftists are handling this total bust, the new meme among the nutroots is that all the “good stuff” was magically scrubbed out of the emails before release, possibly by the same right-wing hackers who took over Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account.  One good thing to come out of this little drama will be a chance for a few more liberals to take a long, hard look at the babbling lunacy of their leaders and re-think their lives.  I have enough faith in human nature to think every burst of derangement from the likes of Kos or Media Matters peels off a few more of their less mindless followers.

Not only is the lack of any scandal in the Palin emails remarkable, but it’s almost astonishing how perfectly her private correspondence matches up with her public pronouncements.  She even uses a lot of the same colorful language, like “unflippingbelievable.” 

Liberals were able to choke on this slab of vanilla email because the same media that absolutely zero interest in asking the most cursory questions about Barack Obama’s shady past in 2008 were able to take advantage of Alaska’s very generous open-records laws, in their haste to put the Republican vice-presidential nominee – the only person who could have saved the faltering McCain campaign – under an electron microscope.  Never mind Obama’s ties to domestic terrorists, the abject failure of his “community organizing” efforts, or the payola pumped into Michelle Obama’s lucrative do-nothing jobs.  Sarah Palin used a Yahoo email account for state correspondence!  RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Well, now that we’ve established the Palin Test, let’s apply it to every candidate, including the incumbent President.  Release a couple of years’ worth of email, and let’s see what we find.  Do you think it would take an army of volunteer readers very long to find something hypocritical, or even horrifying, in Obama’s correspondence? 

Let’s line all of our major politicians up in front of the crowd-source Kraken, and see who it eats.