Romney Leads Palin in Two Polls, Palin Supporters Less Likely To Leave

In two recently released polls, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is the frontrunner due to his considerable resources and organizational and operational strength, leads former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Yet, perhaps the most significant finding was revealed in the USA TODAY/GALLUP poll which had only three of ten supporters of Romney say they are “certain to stick with him” while “more than half” of Palin’s supporters are certain to stick with her.

This measure of sentiment is important because in a fragmented field, not only will Palin have considerable advantages given the high floor she seems to have, but the supporters that make up her floor are probably the least likely to shop around for other candidates.

Having this strong base of supporter, it will give Palin more flexibility to maneuver as a potential candidate, though, as a testament to her conservative credentials, Palin, who, according to these numbers, could take her base for granted more than most has been candidate who has taken the conservative base the least for granted over the last two years.

In a poll conducted by CNN/Opinion Research, Romney leads Palin 24 percent to 20 percent.

Here is the CNN/Opinion Research poll.