VIDEO: Coulter on the Left's Crazy Contradictions

How ’bout that: on Enron’s board while writing laudatory profiles about the now-defunct, scandal-ridden corporation.  No, not George W. Bush, but Paul Krugman.

Yep, the same Paul Krugman who has relentlessly whined up President Bush allegedly being in the pocket of Enron, even though the only connection Bush had to the former company was the State of Texas .

That’s one among many fun facts in Ann Coulter’s Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America about liberals and their contradictory thinking.  As Coulter explains to us, the Left can’t keep its outrageous outrages consistent:  “[Liberals] will viciously attack Clarence Thomas for dubious, and obviously false, accusations of engaging in verbal sexual harassment and then they’re hysterical about sexual McCarthyism for Bill Clinton.  Teddy Kennedy kills a woman at Chappaquiddick and then spends the rest of his life looking into other people’s pasts … and most hilariously, the one man rolled out more than any other to talk about the importance of ‘civil discourse’ so you don’t have mob uprisings: Al Sharpton—a man who himself, his own rhetoric, has led to mob uprisings, violence, and seven deaths.”

Here you go, Part 3 of our exclusive interview with Ann Coulter:


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