Union Zombies Crash the Special Olympics


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was one of several dignitaries to address a Special Olympics event in Madison on Wednesday.  It turned into another skirmish in the War On Taxpayers when a gang of thugs from the public employee union’s youth auxiliary turned up, dressed as zombies, and stood in front of the Special Olympics kids to block their view of Walker.  Other protesters felt free to wave signs with foul language in front of the kids.

The MacIver Institute provides a video report:

The mindless dumbasses who actually pulled this off are much less interesting than the union leaders who thought it would be a good idea.  The message to Wisconsin taxpayers is clear: submit to union demands, or you will never be free of their politics, no matter where you go. 

Wisconsin blogger Ann Althouse found an illuminating Facebook quote in support of these thugs:

“I don’t know about anyone else but Im alright with this. Walker’s actions affect many of these people more than me. They have every right to know what is going on in the state; most of them probably already do. Honestly I find the fact tht he was addressing this group offensive. It’s like when he goes and visits a school. What a hypocritical liar.”

Spelling and grammatical errors are all intact from the original quote. The totalitarian philosophy on display here is breathtaking in its clarity.  You are not allowed to vote for someone like Scott Walker.  He is not allowed to carry out the duties of his office, or participate in public events, because he disagrees with the politics of his opponents, who are the permanent rulers of the state.

Is that how you want to live, Wisconsinites?  Answer quickly, because your opinion may not matter for much longer.



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