The Christian Post Interviews Bachmann

The Christian Post conducted a short interview with potential Presidential contender Michele Bachmann. Bachmann, who has the support of many associated with various Tea Party groups, knows that in addition to the home court advantage she would have in Iowa (she was born in Waterloo and represents a district in the neighboring state of Minnesota), she will need the fervent support of Evangelical Christians to be a serious contender. At the Faith and Freedom Conference last week, Bachmann led the audience in a moving prayer, and her interview with The Christian Post, particularly her testimonial on adopting and raising 23 foster children, shows the type of language and rhetoric that will convince Evangelical voters to give her a serious look and consideration:

CP: You and your husband, Marcus, were foster parents for years. Did your Christian faith play a role in making the decision to assume that responsibility?

Bachmann: Yes, most certainly. We have broken hearts for at-risk kids. We were juggling toddlers already at home, but we saw another couple at church who were foster parents and we asked ourselves whether we could open our home and our hearts to foster children as well.

We never set out to take in 23 children, but children continued to need homes, so we continued to open our home to them.

Many children in the foster care system are often in the midst of a family challenge. Marcus and I sought to assist families during difficult times. We aren’t perfect people, nor are we a perfect family, but these children didn’t expect us to be either. They needed a loving home and care, and we tried our best every single day.